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Our commitement to green

We’re not perfect and don’t pretend to be but we are committed to running Beerfarm in the most eco-conscious way possible and hopefully having some fun along the way. We understand the delicate position that our planet is in and want to make sure we’re doing our bit to contribute to a better future for us and our kids. Here’s some of the simple practices we put in place to try and help:

We use pre-used packaging whenever possible for our deliveries especially delivering locally

We regularly ask our suppliers to try and reduce any plastic packaging when delivering their goods to us

We recycle - we separate all cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum waste and recycle it

We include some eco-friendly solutions when it comes to your drinks delivery. 
These include our mineral water in glass bottles and our Swap-a-crate beer selection. We’ll continue to actively source eco-friendly solutions when it comes to all of our product ranges

We’re trying to keep our admin paper-free

Beerfarm is also proud to align itself with the following organisations to help us along the way with our Commitment to Green:
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